Dragon Cuff as seen on The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

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gwdt-shoot-ii.jpggwdt-shoot-iii.jpgLeather cuff inspired by the movie.


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7th Apr 2014

a slice of fried gold

Nothing short of brilient. Elegant and brutal all at the same time. I ordered two of these , one for me and the misses (awww are we just the cutest). Both arrived in excellent time and were custome made just for us as I knew they always would be. The product was flawless as also expected. There is just something super sexy about a bracelet this wide with leather and Crome steel bits on the side. Mad Maxx enough to make you want to fight at the Thunder Dome, and elegant enough to wear to the Oscars. You can of course order a cheaper bracelet on line that much goes with out saying.... But you can't order a nicer one, or one that is better made. You also can't order a bracelet or leather product that is more finely crafted or had more of the spirt of American rock and roll! So, indulge yourself push add to cart and enjoy something that makes you want to be part of a Swedish noir novel, drive cars at 157 mph, date a model hot chic, play in a dangerous band, or perform magic in front of a crowd of thousands. Nothing says you have to pick one... I didn't. This is my story with the bracelet now you get to add your own

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