Four Row Eyelet Guitar Strap

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It's back!  Our four row eyelet guitar strap.


Red Monkey Designs products are hand crafted in the USA, Red Monkey Designs is a US based company that specializes in hand made leather products, we feature hand made leather watches, hand made leather belts, hand made leather guitar straps, hand made leather camera straps, hand made leather specialty products, Red Monkey Designs features hand made leather accessories. Red Monkey Designs has designed and crafted many custom hand made leather products for the entertainment, movie, fashion and rock and roll industries as well as individuals in those industries.  As worn by Zakk Wylde of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Label Society.


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Strap lock holes

6 Reviews

11th May 2016

The straps the best! Shipping sucks!

This is my 3rd Red Monkey strap. I wanted the same strap for the two types of strap locks I have on my basses. I love the look, quality and feel of it. Product is superior. My disappointment is with their shipper. Good ol' USPS via I paid extra for 2 day shipment. I tracked the package. It was sent from Portland OR to Maine and then New Hampshire before finally getting to me in Los Angeles, CA! WTF!. It took about a week. I called R.M. and was told I would get a refund on my extra shipping. Nothing. I order a lot online and this is the worst shipping experience I've had. Kinda of glad I probably won't be needing to order any more stuff from them.

13th Jan 2016

Worth the wait and every penny!

I live in Australia, and have lusted after this strap for many years. I found myself with a little bit of money to spend and decided to pull the trigger. Keep in mind that the Aussie dollar isn't exactly holding it's own against USD, so with shipping added this thing cost my a fair whack of my hard earned... more than some of my guitars... but let me say this: WOW!! I expected that, considering I was breaking the bank, this would be a good strap, but my expectations were easily met, and then some. The craftsmanship and quality of the materials is absolutely stellar. From the moment I opened the package from USPS, the box had a delicious smell and an air of quality. From the care booklet to the strap itself, wrapped in black tissue paper, sealed with a Red Monkey designs sticker, I knew my cash had been well splashed. Then there was the strap itself. Sturdy, thick, impeccably finished. The first thing I noticed was how precisely each and every eyelet had been punched. Perfectly spaced, and firmly crimped. The edge of the leather is finished very well, and you can feel that the strap will wear in and become even better over time. Being full thickness the whole length, with eyelets all the way along, there's no mistaking that this isn't a strap from the rack at Jacks Music down at the mall. The little details, from the RMD stud located front and center of the strap, the slightly beveled edge at the end of the strap, right down to the four little monkey logos stamped into each corner, culminate to create a truly bespoke strap that was worth every cent. I could not be more impressed with this product and the team and Red Monkey. But you don't need me to tell you this, the list of power house artists that rely on these things every day truly speaks for itself! Thanks Torry and RMD team!!!

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