Leather Bracelets

Browse through our range of handmade signature Red Monkey leather bracelets or wrist cuffs. Our Red Monkey black 5 wrap double brass ring bracelet  combines the classic look on the thin leather band with a subtle braided tie that brings in the band together. Held on with these high end fat brass rings that set this bracelet off with its complementary brass monogram button and contrasting Red leather stamped accent. This bracelet is a perfect gift or to add to your collection of wrist wear.

Check out some of our offerings:

  • 5 Wrap Cordovan Bracelet W/ Silver Buckle

This Cordovan 5 wrap from Red Monkey is a high quality, hand cut, hand dyed, hand crafted bracelet that is made from 100% soft durable leather. Purchase and enjoy for many years to come.

  • The 5 Wrap Black Bracelet with Double Brass Rings

The 5 wrap black bracelet with double brass rings is a simple design with big payoff, the deep black dyed handcrafted leather accented with the 2 brass rings and contrasted with the "patented" Red colored hand stamped Red Monkey leather medallion gives the 5 wrap big marks! Purchase and Enjoy.

For a more simple, yet elegant look, we have the single braided bracelet that features a full 100% leather band with a high quality easy to attach fastener and a free sliding signature stamped leather face. Browse through our exceptional range of leather bracelets today.