Curt Chambers (Alicia Keys, Eminem)

Curt Chambers is an American musician, singer/songwriter who has risen to fame in the music industry. With his extraordinary talent, soulful voice, and powerful performances, he’s earned a very loyal fan base, not to mention the respect of his peers. Chambers' style is a fusion of rock, pop, blues, and country. His guitar playing is positively breathtaking, showcasing both his technical mastery as well as his musicality. He has released a number of albums as a solo artist and has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in music from Jay-Z and Kanye West to the Goo Goo Dolls and Alicia Keys.

Most recently, Chambers has been making waves as a songwriter; co-writing chart hits and receiving critical acclaim. He has both helped elevate other music as well as showcase his own versatility and adaptability. Red Monkey Designs is proud to have him as a part of our guitar community, and we look forward to hearing more of his amazing work in the years to come.

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