Always late and can’t keep track of time because your wrist is bare? A truly timeless piece can make a perfect first impression and allows you to wield a significant amount of power in a small package. From cuff watches to our new Vegan Apple watch band imported from German Felt top. No matter what your type of style, we got you covered. Our hand-built leather watches don’t just tell the time but say a lot about you and your priorities.

Watch it in Style:

  • Cuff Style Apple Watch Band-"PAINKILLER"

Don't sacrifice your Rock N' Roll style just because you picked up an Apple Watch.  We've got you covered with our new Apple Rocker custom watch band. This band features our signature Red Monkey leather. Fits 42mm (38mm available upon request).  Watchband adapters included.

  • Dazed and Confused

New for 2018!  Our Dazed and Confused is the ultimate in vintage vibe! With a super soft 2" Inch Wide leather band with matching stitch. There’s no way you won’t stop traffic.

  • Heavy Metal Cuffs

Red Monkey is taking it to the next level and bringing metal back with our new “HEAVY METAL” wrist cuff. This rocker is 4 inches wide featuring 3 snap closure.  Fits 7-7 1/2 inch wrist. We can custom size your cuff upon request.

  • Dragon 4 Cuff

Red Monkey's DRAGON 4 cuff is the not for the faint at heart. Whether you're on the streets or on the stage our 4-strap wrist cuff is sure to make you more powerful. This cuff features 6 inches wide with a 4 solid cast buckle closure.