Embodying the Spirit of Rock N' Roll.

Red Monkey has been the leader in high-end leather accessories since 1995.  We began our journey with wide cuff watchbands and haven't looked back.  Our leather watch bands are made with the best leather money can buy, and feature Seiko movements in our timepieces.  There is a reason we can offer a lifetime guarantee on our leather items.  Simply put, every piece is hand-made to order and we build the best product money can buy and stand behind our work.  

Whether you're looking for a cool distressed wide leather watchband from the  1960s-1970s or something totally Rock N' Roll, Red Monkey watches can be your trusted go do source for cool, unique pieces that not everyone will have.  We even custom make watch watchbands to fit your own timepiece.   

 Red Monkey leather watches, guitar straps, belts, and leather accessories will keep you looking good while making sure your style game is on point.