About Red Monkey



Red Monkey makes unique, hand-built leather accessories embodying the spirit of rock n' roll. Inspired by the rugged, lived-in character of vintage western wear and classic American motorcycle leathers, Red Monkey leather goods are designed to break-in and get even better with age.

Our products are sweatshop-free and made entirely in the USA using the highest quality, top-grain leathers. Our craftsmen make every item to order here in our Portland studio. We hand-brand our name on each and every piece, and stamp our Monkey logo somewhere on it. We strive for perfection and the highest quality product, but the bottom line is that we like things a little rougher, and very real. These attributes add character to each item, which means every piece is “one-of-a-kind” and you will be the only one with it. Our philosophy is that every Red Monkey item is as unique as the person who wears it.



From designing guitar straps for rock legends such as KISS, to creating custom watchbands for stars like Brad Pitt, Red Monkey has come a long way since its humble beginnings over 10 years ago in a Laurel Canyon garage. Over the years, Red Monkey has become a destination for rock stars, actors, and everyone in between seeking essentially cool, rugged, vintage-inspired leather accessories.

Red Monkey's clientele includes actors Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, Jack Black, Johnny Knoxville, Shane West, Jennifer Aniston, Evangeline Lilly, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, Minnie Driver, and many, many more. Working closely with musicians to create one-of-a-kind guitar straps and stage gear, we've developed an especially close relationship with our friends in rock, designing custom leather items for artists such as KISS, Beck, Gwen Stefani, Jenniffer Lopez, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Sheryl Crow, Dave Navarro, Metallica, U2, the Dixie Chicks, Kerry King, and Zakk Wylde.

Red Monkey can be found at hip boutiques and fine retailers throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.

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Photographs by James Minchin