Python Slasher Guitar Strap

Python Slasher Guitar Strap

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Our "SLASHER" guitar straps are the strap of choice for many a rocker and roller.  Slash and Joe Perry have both chosen this as their guitar strap of choice, and now we're offering it in different designs! 3/4" wide strap with solid cast buckle.  This faux python guitar strap looks and feels just like it's made of real snake leather.

Available in 2 sizes:
   Size 1:  (51-55")
   Size 2:  (56-60")

**Strap Lock holes punched upon request.
***Special sizing available upon request.  (upcharge my apply)

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You have an expensive guitar.  Does is just sit on the guitar stand or do you actually play it.  If you play it then you need a Red Monkey Guitar Strap.  Our products are hand crafted in the USA, Red Monkey Designs is a US based company that specializes in hand made leather products, we feature handmade leather watch bands, belts,  camera straps, and other fashion accessories.  Red Monkey Designs has designed and crafted many custom handmade leather products for the entertainment, movie, fashion and rock and roll industries as well as individuals in those industries.

All leather products Red Monkey makes are hand-built to order.  On average, we ask for a 7-10day build time before shipping*.  However, we generally ship items within' the same week they are ordered depending on our workload.

*We generally ask for 20-30 days to build our Leather Vests.

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