Ghost Strap
Ghost Strap
Ghost Strap

Ghost Strap

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Unleash the spirit of rock with the Ghost Guitar Strap, the very essence of cool that adorned John Five, the electrifying guitarist of Mötley Crüe. This isn't just a strap – it's your ticket to a stage presence that screams attitude.

Born to rock, the Ghost Guitar Strap is more than an accessory – it's an extension of your style. Embrace its edgy, timeless design, a nod to the rebellious history of rock and roll. Feel the vibes as you channel John Five's iconic flair and make a statement that echoes through the ages.

No compromises on comfort here. Crafted for marathon jam sessions, this strap sits perfectly on your shoulder, distributing the load for those endless riffs. It's the confidence boost you've been craving, letting you play on without a hint of strain.

Endorsed by the legend himself, the Ghost Guitar Strap isn't just for anyone – it's for those who demand the spotlight. Are you ready to electrify your sound, capture the Motley Cre vibe, and make your mark? Join John Five and countless others who rock the rhythm with the Ghost Guitar Strap. Get strapped in and let your music resonate with the essence of rock rebellion.

2" inch wide white leather with Italian Red leather lining

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*We generally ask for 20-30 days to build our Leather Vests.

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