Cool Leather Guitar Straps

 There is a reason why rockstars wear Red Monkey Guitar straps.  They are not just to hang your guitar. They are an extension of you and your style. Why hang your expensive guitar from a cheap strap? Red Monkey guitar straps have been said to save your shoulder from hours of playing according to John 5.
Our straps have graced the shoulders of the most discerning musicians worldwide since 1995. There is a reason why Slash, Joe Perry, John 5, Kerry King, Jason Aldean, Zakk Wylde, Steve Stevens, Metallica, Tool and many many more have picked Red Monkey guitar straps as their strap of choice. They have proven to handle the abuse of touring or the hours of practicing your guitar face in front of the mirror. 
Our lifetime guarantee assures that you will be satisfied with your purchase for many years to come.
Simply put, we build the best guitar straps on the planet.